"I was Commander Shepard, and these are my thoughts on The Citadel."

To preface, I did not think that Mass Effect 3’s ending was as rage-worthy as the community-at-large claimed. Was I left wanting? Sure. Was it deeply flawed? Yes. Did it empower me to write strongly worded letters to the fucking FCC and threaten with a class-action lawsuit? Hell no. I understand that we all dedicated dozens of hours (right under 100 for me, personally) to this series, only to be treated to your choice of colored explosions. Any real gamer, though, has played worse games with even worse endings, right? Why is this particular sour note worth rallying Congress for? Isn’t this far worse?

To reverse-quote someone I loved, you all made a mistake. Focused on little picture. Little picture part of big picture. I do agree that this particular end didn’t (and won’t ever) justify the means, but wasn’t the journey enough? I understand that poor wittle baby didn’t get their baba, but Mass Effect was just so much more than red, green or blue.